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People are
the most
part of
any business. 

Behind every great company is a brilliant team. 


People driven by purpose and passion, supported to do what they do best.  We are very much about unlocking and growing every individuals potential.


Denim Forum is unique in it’s duality of being a creative consultancy (with a not-very-secret passion for denim and casualwear) yet also trained in transformational coaching disciplines.

As a CTI
trained life
coach, Sue
mentors both businesses and individuals
with their development.

Helping to align businesses  to their purpose through a range of 1-1 deep dive sessions, teams and group workshops, purpose-led strategic planning to support personal development, transition through change and enable productivity. 

No one wants
to start a road
trip on an empty tank. 

Sufficient fuel is essential. But having a great sound track, snacks and nourishment and a co-pilot, or two, to sing songs and help navigate the lonely road just makes everything a smoother, more memorable ride.


Be the company that people want to work with. Deliver an unparalleled experience for customers. Create strategies that will support conscious and purposeful growth for your business.  Empower your team to deliver impactful and relevant products and information through training support and bespoke toolkits for your team.  Create growth for your business by connecting your team. 


Because team work makes the dream work. 


If you might be a broken biscuit but dream of being a cheesecake please 

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