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Sustainable design is a mindset.

Not just a concept or a trend. 


We create unique conscious design, sourcing information and consumer insights to adDRESS THE FUTURE of the textile and denim industry. We listen and hear what the pain points and challenges and aspirations are for your personal and business goals.

We work alongside you

to create more conscious designs, help with sourcing problems, work with you on customer insights, help with priorities on achieving the short, midterm and end goals. We’re here to help. 


Retail business models are changing. Through fresh insights into the expanding profiles of emerging consumers, we explore what engages and disengages them and impacts their sustainable choices, lifestyle initiatives and products. A well as examples of emerging business models which are rising as the new influencers. 


If you are interested in being a purpose-led business with actionable, sustainable solutions for sourcing, through to marketing strategies, please get in touch. 


Denim Forum is part of a new circular economy. 

We take an altruistic view where we do free of charge mentorship and coaching programmes to support individuals and businesses. Our approach is sharing our knowledge. By working with us, you are empowering and supporting the wider community. 


If you are interesting in being a humanitarian catalyst for change and making a difference, please get in touch.

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