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People are
the most
part of
any business. 

Behind every great company is a brilliant team. 


People are driven by purpose and passion when supported to do what they do best.  


Denim Forum is unique in it’s duality of being a creative consultancy (with a not-very-secret passion for denim and casualwear) yet also trained in transformational coaching disciplines.

90% of our thinking is
in our subconscious

It's always valuable to talk. Time well spent. 

Creatives are natural problem solvers. We think outside the box. We create a synaptic leap across the logic gap.

Be the company that people want to work with. Deliver an unparalleled experience for customers. Set a new precedent. 


We exist to create beautiful businesses and inspire beautiful products.


Triumph starts with try and end with a great big umph


A passionate business and personal coach, Sue is a natural mentor for both businesses and individuals within the apparel and creative industries.

A CTI trained life coach, Sue helps to align businesses  and individuals to their purpose through a range of 1-1 deep dive sessions, team and group workshops.

If you might be a broken biscuit but dream of being a cheesecake please 

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